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Welcome to Polaris Realty

Over the last forty years, Polaris Realty has built a dominant presence in Mississauga, Montreal and Vancouver. Known for the quality of our properties and attentive property management services, our objective is to exceed our tenants’ expectations. As an owner, developer and manager, Polaris Realty is able to offer tenants on-site service with a long-term focus.



The Spencer Building wins Heritage BC’s Recognition Award for Heritage Conservation
Originally built to house Spencer’s department store, the Spencer Building’s… Read more
999 West Hastings Street Receives BOMA Best Gold Certification
We are proud to announce that in January 2018, 999 West Hastings was awarded BOMA… Read more
999 West Hastings Elevator Modernization
Polaris Realty (Canada) Limited is pleased to advise Read more
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