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Details come to light at 1253 McGill College

Details matter. Fact is, details can make the difference. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recent renovations to, and transformation of, 1253 McGill College. By respecting the past and paying heed to the demands of the future, this historic Montreal address has quickly become an unexpected gem on the local commercial real estate scene. A telling and finishing touch is the new lighting fixture you'll find above the main entrance.

Inspired by the building's original lighting unit, as discovered in an old photograph, the new fixture was designed and manufactured by Custom Lighting Concepts of Montreal.

So, next time you're in the Ste-Catherine/McGill College neighbourhood, be sure to glance up. As you'll see, this bright addition to 1253 McGill College vividly reflects the Polaris Realty commitment to preserving the spirit of this storied property.

Meanwhile, watch for a fascinating photographic overview of the entire 1253 McGill College transformation project, coming soon to this website.


Lighting unit by dayLighting unit by night

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