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1501 McGill College continues to dominate Montreal's nightscape


1501 McGill College continues to dominate Montreal's nightscape with a new LED lighting system

With its dramatic, pyramid-shaped upper floors and spire, 1501 McGill College has long been a prominent fixture on Montreal's nighttime scene. Now this postmodern architectural landmark shines even brighter, continuing to dominate the night with a new, state-of-the-art LED lighting system—the first of its kind for a privately-owned structure in the city.

Look up! On any given night, you'll witness the beauty of this vibrant addition to 1501 McGill College. Computerized and fully customizable, with millions of dynamic colour options, the LED lighting system distinguishes the building within the downtown core.

An ever-changing celebration of light, colour and joie de vivre

Pick an occasion, any occasion. Tour McGill College responds with a brilliant display in keeping with the holiday and season. A festive red and green for Christmas. A romantic red for Valentines. A vivid green for St. Patrick's Day. Traditional pastels for Easter. And during springtime madness, when Montreal's storied hockey team brings unparalleled excitement to the city, 1501 McGill College scores with a rousing red, white and blue.

The new lighting system also helps to reinforce the Polaris Realty commitment to the community, allowing the company to further its support of worthy, nondenominational charitable events and causes. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), for example, specially themed lighting will help draw attention to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation's fundraising campaign.

A bright light in green technology, too

In recent years, Polaris Realty has gained a solid reputation within the industry for its leadership in the pursuit and implementation of green technology for its Canadian properties. Accordingly, the new LED system is both energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Maintenance, programming and electricity savings amount to 66% or more annually. LED lighting also lasts far longer than conventional light sources. It radiates no heat or UV and contains no toxic mercury, a critical advantage for any future recycling.

Tour McGill College, a towering presence in every respect

To put the significance of this project in perspective, the lighting technology employed is the same one used in such famous landmarks as Toronto's CN Tower and Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge. The high profile result is a symbol of pride not only for Polaris Realty and the tenants of 1501 McGill College, but for the city of Montreal, as well.




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