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Tenants who know Polaris Realty stay with Polaris Realty

1501 McGill College: How our company's culture inspires our tenants' loyalty

At Polaris Realty, we often talk about the personalized, tenant-centric approach that distinguishes us in an extremely competitive field. As last year's high rate of lease renewals at 1501 McGill College demonstrate, the commitment we show to our tenants is reflected in the commitment they show to us.

The more an organization gets to experience the daily realities of Polaris Realty, the clearer the benefits and advantages of a long and lasting relationship become.

The fact is, as an owner, developer and manager, Polaris Realty is uniquely positioned to do what few others can. We begin with a long-term focus, driven by attentive on-site service and highly proactive management teams.

We do not look merely to meet tenant needs, we work to anticipate them and exceed them. By staying ahead of services, trends and technologies, we help ensure our tenants stay ahead, too. The tangible, much-appreciated results are evident at not only 1501 McGill College, but at every one of our coveted downtown Montreal locations, including 800 René-Lévesque Blvd. West and 1253 McGill College.

Ultimately, it is the details that define both Polaris Realty and the discerning tenants who proudly call our properties home. Exacting performance standards. Experienced, cost-effective construction management. Sophisticated, functional design. Advanced security systems. And an array of environmental initiatives that meet North America's most stringent standards and guidelines, including BOMA BESt Level 2 certification for 1501 McGill College. Indeed, the list goes on and on...

Complementing. Elevating. Enhancing. Serving. From the cosmetic to the concrete, from the essentials to the value-added.... Tenants who know Polaris Realty inevitably choose to stay with Polaris Realty.

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